Greek cuisine is as delicious as it is nutritious.  If you’ve never eaten Greek food before,  roasted lamb, chicken or pork wrapped in a pita is a must-try!  Nobody knows how to cook an authentic Souvlaki better than San Jose’s very own Souvlaki Greek Skewers…

Souvlaki Pita Sandwiches

Sold throughout Greece, Souvlaki is one of the most popular street foods amongst the islands.  For those that love hot sandwiches with plenty of grilled meat and vegetables, Souvlaki pitas are hard to beat.  Topped with Greek spices, our Souvlaki sandwiches come with chicken, pork or lamb in a wrapped pita or open-face style.  If you’re the hungry Spartan type, an authentic Souvlaki should be on your next order.

Are you a Cheese Lover?

Try our famous Greek Feta dishes.   Feta, a brine-cured cheese from the milk of goats and sheep,  has a distinctively light flavor and crumbly texture.  We serve this wonderful cheese in several appetizing dishes…  the Tyropita (a baked phyllo dough treat), the Spicy Greek Feta dish (Feta topped with red peppers, garlic and spices) and theSpanakopita (a traditional spinach and feta savory pie).

20120419 Horiatiki Greek Salad 300x210 Greek Fare Served with Good CheerFor Vegetarians, Loved by Carnivores…

If you prefer vegetables over meat, our vegetarian dishes will surprise and delight you.  Pita-wrapped with fresh produce, our Middle East-meets-West Falafel Souvlaki will satisfy the most discriminating of palates.   And when “cool and crisp” is what you want, we suggest our Horiatiki, the traditional Greek salad.  A salad deserving of Athena, it’s a mix of ripe tomatoes, cucumber slices, strips of green pepper and onion, tossed with herbs and feta.

Whatever strikes your fancy as an Olympian or Titan, our menu has something for you.  Very few other restaurants can compete with the freshness and uniqueness of our Greek cuisine.   We have an abundance of dishes for both the health-conscious or those with ferocious appetites.  Stop by our restaurant today!